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When we think about the work Habitat Spartanburg has done during this past year, we think about HOPE. The HOPE we've given families who had before seen no way out of substandard, or government housing.

We remember the single mom who was living in an apartment with such prevalent mold growth that her child had chronic asthma. After moving into her home, the child has no other health issues. 

We think about a family of four who shared a two-bedroom home with a brother; the family shared one bedroom with a blanket divider for privacy. The family is now enjoying the Habitat at Regional neighborhood in a beautiful home with three bedrooms.

We remember a family living in a mobile home, which seemed nice due to the decorating ability of the tenant, but there were exposed nails in the wall and sagging floors. Rodents entered through a hole in an exterior wall, which the landlord covered with duct tape. The family is also living in the Habitat at Regional neighborhood in a safe home, free from rodents and outdoor elements.

Another single mom of two boys lived in a two-bedroom government unit where beer cars and syringes littered the ground and they went to sleep with gunshots in the background most nights. When she earned more money, her rent went up. She and her sons recently moved into her home on Cambridge Circle and have expressed the wonderful blessing their home has been.

Habitat Spartanburg has two YouthBuild homes underway on the City of Spartanburg's Northside. This project, in partnership with the Northside Development Group and the Spartanburg Housing Authority, gives unemployed youth, who aren't enrolled in school, an opportunity to receive education and on-site job skills. 

Next month, the Spartanburg Interfaith Alliance, a group of multi-denominational faith organizations will kick-off an Interfaith Build in the City's South Converse Street Neighborhood -- a great location with easy access to the South Converse Street Park and Mary H. Wright Greenway. 

These families all met Habitat Spartanburg income guidelines and worked hard on "sweat equity" requirements are enjoying living in their own three-bedroom, two-bathroom homes with a spacious, landscaped yards and a place where they can have privacy and do homework in a quiet bedroom. We build more than houses -- we heighten expectations and we are proud to build to make a stronger Spartanburg. 

We need your help. Please consider giving we can continue building dreams -- and HOPE.   

Habitat Spartanburg relies on partnerships, like the one with the South Converse Street Neighborhood Association -- led by Ruth Littlejohn (left) and the Spartanburg Interfaith Alliance, led by Rev. Sally Beth Shore (right), among others.

Habitat Spartanburg relies on partnerships, like the one with the South Converse Street Neighborhood Association -- led by Ruth Littlejohn (left) and the Spartanburg Interfaith Alliance, led by Rev. Sally Beth Shore (right), among others.


Spartanburg Interfaith Alliance
Wall Raising Ceremony 2017

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Eldred and Sarah Wooten Prince Foundation

Harry H. Gibson Family Foundation

North Spartanburg Rotary Club House 2015

In 2015, the North Spartanburg Rotary Club sponsored, and provided volunteers, for the North Spartanburg Rotary Club House on Pierpont Avenue. Keisha Steadman and her family now live in the house. Thanks to these committed volunteers for giving a family hope, and changing the face of this Northside neighborhood.

"Habitat for Humanity is an extraordinary organization that transitions people out of poverty - those who need a helping hand - into a home that they can afford. This heightens expectations for all family members so students exceed in school and parents achieve their goals for their family."
- John Miller, Denny's
President and Chief Executive Officer

"I can't say enough about the volunteers and the donors who make owning a home possible. For years, I've had a dream of owning my own home in a safe neighborhood and now my dream is a reality, thanks to Habitat Spartanburg."
Valarie Stridiron
Habitat Spartanburg Homeowner in Process

"Building a stronger, healthier community takes everyone. Everyone must be on board to raise low-income families out of substandard conditions and Habitat for Humanity understands that. It's not just about homes, it's about giving families the tools they need such as financial literacy and homeowner education."
- Bill Barnet, Board Chairman
Northside Development Group