Homeownership with Habitat

Habitat for Humanity of Spartanburg is an ecumenical, Christian ministry that builds safe, affordable homes in partnership with deserving, low-income families. You may qualify for a Habitat home if you:

1. Can demonstrate need:
Reside in poorly maintained, substandard, or overcrowded housing; or in a dangerous neighborhood; or are cost-burdened.

2. Have the ability to pay:
Prospective partner families must be financially stable and must have lived or worked in Spartanburg County for at least one year, with an income of 30 to 60 percent of the area median, adjusted for family size. 

3. Are willing to partner with Habitat:
By giving 250 hours of "sweat equity" either working on other families' homes, then building your ownhome, and committing to attend Financial Management and Homeowner Education classes.

Homeowner applicants who have completed the requisite requirements receive an affordable mortgage when they purchase their home from Habitat Spartanburg. The average monthly payment on a three-bedroom, two-bathroom, Energy Star-3.0 Certified home is affordable, and includes property taxes and homeowner's insurance. The revenue from mortgages paid by Habitat homeowners goes directly into a fund that supports construction of more homes.

Informational meetings are held several times a year for those interested in becoming a Habitat homeowner. For more details, please call Family Services Coordinator Sarah Burnett at (864) 591-2221 ext. 106. 

Holding Up the House