The safety of our volunteers is of prime importance at Habitat. Prior to the start of work each day a Habitat construction representative will offer a short safety talk that will relate to the tasks to be performed that day.

Volunteers are reminded that the construction site has inherent hazards that must be monitored and controlled. Examples include the use of ladders, power tools, and elevated work spaces. Habitat makes a concerted effort to ensure equipment is properly maintained and inspected. As a volunteer, it is your responsibility to notify a Habitat staff member of any unsafe conditions that you might identify.
When volunteering, you will not be expected to perform any task for which you have not been properly trained or for which you feel uncomfortable doing. Please feel free to discuss any concern with the construction site supervisor.

Each construction site volunteer should complete the Volunteering on a Habitat for Humanity Job Site video through our Habitat for Humanity Insurance Program. Volunteers that take this course will receive a certificate of completion from our affiliate.

Additional Safety: Each construction site volunteer can watch and review the Habitat Construction Safety Orientation Video. This video will easily outline what to wear, what to bring, and what to expect when volunteering on the construction site.

ReStore volunteers should complete the ReStore Safety and Loss Control online safety course prior to you scheduled service date.

Safety Briefing
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