Ed Willett

Ed Willett

Board Member



Ed Willett, the Vice President of Operations for QS/1, joined the company in 1982 as a software technician. Ed is responsible for Hardware Maintenance, New Systems Setup, Building and Grounds and the QS/1 Regional Offices.

Ed brings a unique set of skills to the Habitat Board of Directors with a keen sense of operational management and vision. Ed serves on the Governance Committee and on the Golf Committee.

Ed has a long career with QS/1 and served in several managerial positions within the company before being promoted to corporate accounts executive in 1996. In 2004, Ed was promoted to Field Operations Manager and in 2006, was promoted to Field Operations Director to oversee Central Training and QS/1 Regional Offices. IN 2012, Ed was again promoted to Vice President of National Sales to oversee Healthcare and Government Sales, Strategic Accounts and Upgrades.


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