Peggy Magarahan

Peggy Magarahan

Director of Construction

Peggy Magarahan is the Construction Coordinator and Safety Manager for Habitat Spartanburg, a role she has held since November 2009.

Peggy is an integral part of the Habitat team as she has decades of construction experience. Peggy is a Licensed Residential Home Builder who manages the everyday business of Habitat home construction.

Peggy schedules and works with subcontractors, inspectors, schedules and procures materials and is responsible for job-cost accounting and budgeting.

"One of the best parts of my job is working with the homeowners by teaching the homeowner maintenance classes and helping them be self-sufficient in caring for their homes," Peggy said.

Peggy goes to great lengths to provide homeowners with all the information they need to care of and maintain their homes. Peggy leads each homeowner on a hands-on, lengthy tour of their homes. Peggy also provides each homeowner with a binder with warranty information, the materials used to build their homes, landscaping care and maintenance and a list of subcontractors who worked on their homes.

Peggy is a wonderful instructor and resource for homeowners, even after they've closed on their homes. If they have a home maintenance issue, Peggy is oftentimes the first one they call for a referral or to determine the correct path forward.

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