Stacy Marino

Stacy Marino

Financial Administrative Associate

Stacy Marino is the Financial Administrative Associate, newly joining our team March 2018.

Stacy and her husband Carl had an estate sale and moved from Connecticut August 2016. January 2017, they found their new home in Jonesville. After seven months of renovations, they were finally able to move into their home July. Stacy became a “frequent flyer” at the Habitat store either for donating items left behind in the house or purchasing those “great finds”!

Stacy had the gift of being able to work remotely through the end of 2017 for Wesleyan University for one year, where she worked for 17-plus years as a Project Coordinator for Facilities. Stacy did the unconventional way of seeking employment here, she knocked on Habitat’s door to see if they were hiring, left her information on a sticky note and said, “call me if you have any interest”. The reason being that she might as well work, where she likes to shop.

Stacy is excited and thankful to be part of an amazing team, where she can offer her talents to have a positive impact for the community.

Stacy’s two daughters Nicole and Kelly live in California and in her spare time she dabbles with the arts, enjoys riding her motorcycle and is a “dog Mom” to Millie the miniature schnauzer.

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