We Can Do More

February 16th, 2018

The unique component of working for or with a nonprofit group is that it doesn't take long to realize the work is never really done.
You never really get to the finish line, although we establish in our mission statements that we will work -- work so hard -- until our goals are achieved.
Our job is to "keep on keeping on" until we're no longer needed. In our case, we will work until every person in Spartanburg County has access to safe, modest, affordable housing. We believe strongly if families have a safe, healthy place to live, to raise their families and to play, the benefits reverberate throughout that neighborhood and community and transcend generations. Statistics and local data show us that.
Currently, Habitat Spartanburg builds seven homes annually. That's seven families each year who were living in substandard housing and would never have qualified for a conventional home mortgage. Now, they're living in a nice, comfortable home they can afford, be proud of and safely raise children.
Our Board of Directors, a great group of community leaders who volunteer hundreds of hours to Habitat each year, have given us a greater directive. They want our staff to facilitate the building of 10 new homes annually. That means we'll need more volunteers, more money and we'll be able to serve more families.
Can we do it? I'll say this. Not one person on our staff believes that we can't. We know it will be a challenge. We know it will be tough. But, we're driven by the number of additional families we can serve.
Families who deserve a chance at homeownership. Families who are asking for help, but who are willing to put in sweat equity hours to build their homes. Families who will pay a mortgage, just like we do.
Will you help us? Click here to learn more about volunteering or here to donate to Habitat Spartanburg where every $1 goes to purchasing construction materials for our homes.

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