What is the Critical Home Repair Program?

Habitat Spartanburg helps homeowners in Spartanburg County maintain their homes as safe, decent, and affordable places to live by offering critical home repairs at a fraction of the actual cost. You could qualify for the Critical Home Repair Program if you meet the following qualifications:

  1. Need for Assistance,
  2. Ability to Pay,
  3. Willingness to Partner.

For the Critical Home Repair Program, can you say “YES!” to all the following questions?


  • Are you a U.S citizen or permanent resident?
  • Have you owned & lived in your current home for at least the past 2 years? Mobile homes do not qualify for program services.
  • Is your home located within Spartanburg County? We may prioritize applications from VETERANS living anywhere in Spartanburg County and from homeowners in the Highlands, Northside, Spartanburg Regional Neighborhood, and South Converse Street Neighborhood.
  •  Do you need assistance with one or more critical home repairs, such as...
    • Repair or replacement of exterior siding or roofing?
    • Installation or repair of an exterior handicap-accessible ramp?
    • Installation or repair of safety railings on a porch, ramp, or other exterior structure?
    • Other exterior repairs or improvements for safety and/or accessibility?
  • Is your income at or below 60% of the current Area Median for Spartanburg County? We will evaluate your income at no charge at the time you submit your application.


  • Are you current on all payments due for housing costs, such as mortgage & property taxes?
  • Can you make a one-time payment up front to cover 10% of the total repair costs?


  • Will you maintain a law-abiding household?
  • Will you maintain a safe environment for repair work?
  • Will you fulfill all requirements in a timely, honest manner?
  • Will you learn about home maintenance through the repair process?
  •  Will you share your experience through conversations, events, and media publications?

If you can say “YES!” to ALL the above questions, YOU MIGHT BE ELIGIBLE. The application is available here. Once you complete the application in full and obtain ALL of the required documents, you may submit it for consideration. If you need copies of any of the documents, the application must be submitted by appointment. Otherwise, the application can be dropped off during normal business hours (M-F, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) at the Habitat office, 2270 S. Pine St., or mailed to: ATTN: Family Services, 2270 S. Pine St., Spartanburg, SC 29302.

If you have questions, call 864.707.0225.

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