Wofford Students Tackle Habitat Project During Interim

January 8th, 2020

Twenty Wofford College students will "push through the walls of the traditional classroom" to build actual walls on two Habitat homes during their January Interim.
Wofford College's January Interim gives students and faculty the month to focus on a single topic. Students and professors are free to explore new and untried topics, take academic risks, observe issues in action, develop capabilities for independent learning and consider different peoples, places and professional options.
Students enrolled in Dr. Bill DeMars's "Build an Affordable House - Save the Environment - Transform a Community" will have three days weekly of hands-on training as they work on two Habitat homes in the Drayton community. During the other two days, students will learn about the environmental footprint of the home, observe firsthand how an Energy Star Certified Habitat home is built and learn the social footprint of the home. They will also work alongside the future homeowners.
Franny Ford, a Wofford Junior from Nashville, said she enjoys hands-on projects and her family members have volunteered on other Habitat projectss.
"I saw this Interim and it was a no-brainer," she said. "I'm so excited to be able to work on this home that will be offered to a low-income family."
Habitat Spartanburg Executive Director Lee Close said the affiliate's partnership with Wofford is one that makes sense.
"Anytime we can have Wofford students on the site is a win for us," Close said. "The fact that they're building two homes while learning how affordable housing impacts an entire community is so valuable."

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