Hands-On Maintenance with Habitat

Written By: Sarah Burnett - September 12th, 2018

Spartanburg, S.C. - What homeownership program would be complete without a crash course in home maintenance?
Habitat Spartanburg offers a Home Maintenance Workshop to our program participants and homeowners annually, and every year they ask us to offer it again.

This workshop is led by Peggy Magarahan, our own Construction Director and Safety Manager who has been with Habitat Spartanburg for eight years. She has decades of construction experience, is a licensed Residential Home Builder, and oversees the everyday business of Habitat home construction. Peggy knows each Habitat home inside and out, and she presents each homeowner at the time of closing with a binder outlining the basic maintenance of their entire homes. Then she goes the extra mile by offering them some hands-on practice at least once a year.

Going through the homeownership program, every program participant gets experience building a brand new home, but at Peggy’s annual workshop, they get hands-on experience fixing it for the first time. Habitat Spartanburg provides samples of drywall, molding, plumbing, caulk, patch, paint, and more—all to give homeowners and program participants some hands-on practice with the many maintenance tasks that are sure to await them. So thank you to the homeowners who return, year after year, to brush up, and to the program participants who are determined to start out on the right foot. Thank you to Peggy Magarahan for leading the workshop, and to Marilyn Hollifield of the Neighborhood Support Committee for coordinating it.

Thanks also to Southside Baptist Church for allowing us the use of their facilities. We can’t wait to see you all again next year.

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