Pierre Dunkel

Pierre Dunkel

Director of Finance

Pierre Dunkel is a highly accomplished finance leader with extensive experience driving strategic growth, operational excellence, and data-driven decision-making across Banking, Fintech, Tech, e-Commerce, and Game Development. With an MBA from the Kelley School of Business and professional development in Strategic Decision Making from Stanford University and Harvard, Pierre has consistently spearheaded initiatives optimizing profitability, streamlining processes, and fostering cross-functional collaboration at renowned organizations.

His unique blend of deep financial acumen, advanced analytical skills, and exceptional leadership abilities has enabled him to masterfully transform complex data into actionable insights and develop robust financial models to support long-term strategic planning. Beyond his professional achievements, Pierre is deeply committed to giving back to the community through volunteering with organizations that support immigrants, refugees, and underrepresented minorities.

Pierre's passion for leveraging his strategic financial expertise to drive positive transformation resonates profoundly with Habitat for Humanity's mission of advocating for affordable housing, promoting dignity and hope, and supporting sustainable development. By joining the Habitat for Humanity movement, he can apply his well-honed strategic vision, analytical prowess, and unwavering ethical commitment to uplifting communities in need.

With his proven track record of fostering effective cross-functional collaboration, Pierre can cultivate an environment of unity and shared purpose within Habitat's initiatives. Moreover, his expertise in areas such as streamlining financial reporting, mitigating risks through legal collaboration, and optimizing resource allocation can significantly strengthen Habitat's long-term financial sustainability and operational efficiency.

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